Thursday, May 28, 2009

Market Outlook for May 28, 2009

Futures point up this morning as Durable Goods Orders showed a 1.9% gain for April. But March numbers were revised down 2.1%. All 3 Indexes show small moves up this morning and are not something that can be counted on for the day. While Weekly Jobless Claims were reported down this morning to 623,000 for the past week. But Continuing Claims reached a new high at 6.79 Million.

Still there is a lack of clarity as to what the strategy is for the Government regarding trying to keep mortgages available with cheap interest rates but the Treasuries for 2 year and 10 year duration seemed to suggest rates will be rising, which would seem to thwart the Fed's plans to keep Mortgage Interest rates low. The Bond market is getting nervous and hence the big swing down yesterday.

Oil is up again to $63/barell. Gold hovers around $955/ounce as Silver has moved over $15/ounce. European markets are all down this morning as well.

As we travel through the no mans land of 8,200 to 8,600 on the Dow waiting for a clear direction, none seems to be showing itself. But pressing the markets continues to be the decline in the 200 Day Moving average daily for all 3 Indexes, the Dow, Nasdaq and the S&P 500. If I were to guess, and we all know that's all it is, I believe the market will be down again today but not by more than 100 on the Dow. We are going to stay in this tight range until some news breaks to drive these markets decisively. That could take the whole summer, I'm sorry to say. Or there could be something Internationally which triggers the drop.

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