Thursday, June 04, 2009

Health Insurance: Give me a break!

This story got me riled up today. Yesterday, I received a document from Blue Shield of California informing us that my wife's health insurance Monthly payments had to be increased as costs have risen. This insurance is only for her individual healthcare, as I am on Medicare. Her new Monthly health insurance bill will go from about $850/month to $1,040/month. Can you believe that?! And she has a $2,000 deductible, the highest deductible they offer! Then today I received my Insurance monthly bill for my Auto Insurance (3 cars including a Jaguar Convertible and a BMW), my House insurance (we live in Marin County, CA and you know there aren't houses there for under $1 Million and we have earthquake insurance as well), our Furnishings policy including art and Jewelry, and an Umbrella policy covering everything over a certain specified amount. That monthly bill totaled $615/month! Now compared to the Health Insurance that is incredibly cheaper.

President Obama is on the right track. The cost of Health Insurance is way out of whack and needs to be fixed. It isn't like we can't pay for it, but can you imagine what's happening to people who lose their jobs and get a bill for $1050/month? It's outrageous! It would be different if we had a lot of operations and procedures, but we don't. Shame on the Health Insurance companies. Why did they ever change from Non-Profit to For-Profit (as much as they can stick into their greedy pockets!) It wasn't always this way.

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