Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The 2 Party system is soon to be made up of Democrats and Progressives and not Republicans

That's right, the Republicans have gone off the deep end on scaring people about Healthcare reform. The Republican Party is relegating itself to obscurity, albeit a loud obscurity, by all the fear mongering, lies, and threats of violence against any Democrat in favor of Healthcare reform. You will see more Republicans becoming Independents and some changing to Democrats, but you will also see more people willing to join the Progressive movement. The Progressive movement is firmly in place in several States. It is solid here in the San Francisco Bay area and believe it or not, it is solidly established in my former State of Vermont, with Senator Bernie Sanders leading the movement.

As long as Republicans continue to use scare tactics and threats of assassination of Democrats, they will drive their members away from the Party. "Free Speech" is protected up to a point. Threatening lynching or assassination of any leader is beyond Free Speech. It's like yelling "Fire" in a movie theater. It's not allowed or you will be arrested. The idea that the Gov't is going to cause the death of seniors is absurd, but they continue this line of protesting. The issue of Healthcare Reform will determine if we as a Nation have evolved from the fear used by the Bush Administration to get us to invade Iraq. If we haven't, God help us. If we have, then these fringe Republicans will remain a minority. I certainly hope they fade away. They may be noisy, but they show the worst of America. I have many terrific Republican friends. They must be shrieking from all the bull being spread around. All of my Republican friends can discuss the issues, agree on certain points, disagree on other points, but we both walk away educated by each other's point of view. That's what's missing from this debate. It is going to force Democrats to ignore the Republican's ideas, some of which are good, because the Bill won't be passed without some changes in the Rules of Congress or the Senate. It may take just 50 votes to pass this as Republicans are generally dismissed, and serves them right.

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Anonymous Jerry Wechsler / Minneloushe said...

Amen, brother. In any case, I hope you are right that this brown-shirt methodology, this McCarthyesque line of attack, will backfire and drive voters away from the Republican Party. It drives me nuts, since Obama himself is not really a Progressive - more like a kind of center-left-semi-liberal. For god's sake - Hillary's health-care proposals were more progressive than Obama's, not to mention Edwards' idea, which was basically the best.

Meanwhile, we continue to slide downhill. I need Beacon and TZA to rise, but instead they both fall. Not encouraging.

Warm regards. Oh - I admired your wife's excellent work. More on that sometime when I'm more awake !

- jw

7:49 PM  
Blogger da patriot said...

You cannot be serious! Are you not seeing the polls? The majority of the people are sympathizing with the protesters. Democrats who are up for re-election are in big trouble. Support for the Democrats vision of health care reform is in a downward spiral. And ol' purple lips stages a phony town hall meeting in which he spouts the same old rhetoric expecting a different response.

You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot, and in an monumental exercise in self-delusion, you claim victory to be at hand.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Freedom said...

OMG! I think YOU may have gone off the deep end.

You want to talk about fear mongering and lies? Keep going on and claiming health care reform opponents are making threats and calling for assassination and you're every bit as guilty as those you accuse.

I think a discussion is called for and we need to hear from both opposing and affirming viewpoints.

Lets be honest, there is misinformation and over the line behavior on both sides. Lets not dismiss those who don't agree with us by waving them off is an angry mob or as shills for an insurance company, etc. Most of the people dissenting on this issue are concerned citizens who want their viewpoints heard. And they have every right to be heard.

Maybe (for the sake of your own political benefit) you should start listening. Because if you don't, I see the pendulum swinging heavily in favor of those on the political right.

5:24 AM  

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