Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bad economy, jobs lost, huge government debt: Do you want this to change? Then wake up and pay attention to what has happened!

Ok, I am on a rant and while I am at it I wanted to comment again about why we are in trouble as a country and how each political Party over the past 25 years has advanced or tried to eliminate some of the problems. As I said in my last post, Republicans say they are against big government. I don't think any Republican out there would argue against that claim. But as you can see from the chart above, (and please click on it to enlarge it and take a real good look at it), it is much worse than even this chart has shown, the Republicans have created most of the debt of this country. This is indisputable and based on the facts. Now they tell him to "Reduce the burden on our children and grandchildren (which they created). It makes sense they would do this from a values perspective when you think about it. What better way to shrink the size of all government than borrowing money for things like tax cuts and wars of choice (Iraq) and putting the government into a debt so large that the only thing anyone can do is either raise taxes, which Republicans are so much against, or shrink the size of government. That has been their strategy for the past 25 years. The Republicans have deliberately raised the debt so there isn't any money available to solve problems like healthcare for all or paying teachers a decent wage based on how important it is to be able to compete in the world with a first rate education.

President Obama and the Fed are trying to do everything they can to help get us out of the most recent mess, which by the way wasn't created by most Americans. It was created by the Free Enterprise program run amuck by a relatively small number of greedy individuals through a push for deregulation in both Banking and Insurance. It is those same greedy people who want as many tax breaks as they can get, some not even willing to pay their fair share of taxes. For them, it's all about me philosophy. Most of the social change that has happened in this country has been the result of the Democratic Party, like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

So I guess I am more of a Democrat these days than a Republican. I am more left than right leaning and I voted for Reagan when he ran for President. But the Republican party of the past 25 years is nothing like the Republican Party of 25-50 years ago. They were more rational, tried to do the right thing for Americans and were more willing to work in the middle of the spectrum with Democrats. Those days are over as is the former Republican Party. We became a debtor nation under Republican leadership. I am totally behind our President for the changes we had hoped for. He will succeed if we get behind him as this is still our country. The voices against him are the ones who created all of our mess. Get behind him or you will lose your country for good. There, now I have said it!

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