Monday, March 22, 2010

The loss of decorum in Congress: Does it matter?

Yesterday's historic culmination of Healthcare legislation was also historic for other reasons as well. It brings all the rancor and bitterness in the House of Representatives to the forefront of the 24/7 media cycle we are becoming used to. I thought about the comment "Baby Killer" while Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak was giving his support to the Bill as the last remaining holdouts because the Hyde amendment was still going to be the law of the land. Confessing today, Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer admitted he was the one yelling that comment and apologized for the comment. Remember it was during the President's State of the Union, that another Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina yelled, "You Lie! while the president was speaking.

So what's the point here? Well, first it violates the Rules of Congress. If you don't uphold the Rules, then you have no Rules in reality. They can't be enforced if not enforced when they are violated. But more importantly, did you ever hear on the floor of Congress the Democrats shouting down President George W. Bush while he was speaking giving his State of the Union. They had a just cause since by Bush's decision to invade Iraq many "babies" and innocents were killed in a war of choice. Did they yell, "You Lie" when he said that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. No they didn't as elected officials. The place for that kind of stuff is outside the Congress where people have feelings and have grievances. But those issues need to be settled in the Ballot box, next time you get the chance, not inside the Congress. These Republicans have shown themselves to act like spoiled children who have had their toys taken away. I give you this warning and prediction, keep up the lack of civility and you will be responsible for destroying the Republican Party as well. Democrats don't like it, Independents don't like it and many Republicans don't like it as well.

So does it matter to you whether the Congress losses its decorum? It does to me, as it shows men acting as children and that contributes to the lack of respect of all public servants. I am glad people are still willing to do this job as MOST SANE PEOPLE AVOID BEING AN ELECTED OFFICIAL AT ALL COSTS!

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