Sunday, March 21, 2010

Passing the Healthcare Insurance reform Bill and the hypocrisy of our elected officials.

On the very moment of this historic Healthcare Insurance reform vote, I thought about the hypocrisy of our so called leaders in Washington. I won't name names, or Parties as to who is to blame but here's my 2 cents worth. In the last decade we faced many challenges as Americans. The issue was for all Americans to support the Government as there were threats from abroad, specifically Al Qaeda, And to do this by allowing your government to wiretap your phones unlawfully and to give this government broad powers as we were at war. We now know they at least misled us, if not blatantly lied to us. Those who supported the government back then are the same voices telling us today NOT to trust healthcare to the government, even though this bill allows the Health Insurance companies to have major control of healthcare insurance payment management. I am glad enough of the legislature has put aside their objections to enact this Bill today. I only wish we had a yearlong debate and vote as to whether we should have invaded Iraq. Any Amen's out there are most welcome in the comment section. :) This is a historic vote. IT IS A HISTORIC VICTORY FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are sooo right about having let congress decide on a war in Iraq. Bush started a gigantic mess which will not be resolved in any one presently alive lifetime. Now, we have been hearing the same comment over and over- "start over from scratch" meaning the health care bill. No facts, just banter. SAD what has evolved within our Government

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