Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Market outlook for July 20th: Rainy with Clouds

Well after the bell yesterday, IBM reported its earnings as did Texas Instruments. Both disappointed on top line Revenue expectations and that has set the stage for today's market action. Futures are down and Europe is down this morning. Also out this morning was Housing Starts and Building Permits. The news there was mixed. Housing starts came in at 549K for June compared to an expectation of 575K, which was worse than expected, and Building Permits came in at 586K compared to the expectation of 572K, which was better news than expected. That rallied the Futures a bit so they weren't as negative before the news came out Dow Futures were down about 100 before the Housing data, but after the data they came in at down only 75. However, currently the Dow Futures have slipped back down 93.

Expect today to show another leg down on this slowly unwinding market. I will post Updates here during the day today. So if you have read this once be sure to come back and see the Updates and commentary.

Also, news on Goldman Sachs missing expectations on their numbers also is causing some market turmoil. It is clear that the top line Revenue Growth is not there and the only way companies are making their earnings is but cutting costs. It isn't going to get better any time soon according to Pimco's Mohamed El-Erian, CEO and Co CIO who was on CNBC this morning.

I will also post today something on Silver and ZSL and that there is about to be a significant break below key supports on Silver and that this can be payed by buying ZSL or adding to previous positions. Look for tha post later this morning.

UPDATE: 9:45am PST

AS you can see from the above chart we started down about 125 for the Dow but have steadily risen up in spite of the news. Well the Dow formed a "W" pattern with the slant pointing down. We therefore should go lower from below the lowest leg of the "W" pattern. That would take us to Dow down over 100 again today.

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