Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where are the Adults?!

As the stock market continues to drop and the mid term elections get closer, the dialogue on the Cable TV and radio stations is heating up to the point where we are going to shut the boob tube and radio off completely and not listen to anything. (That's a good idea anyway!) No matter what station I turn to these days, I hear the anger starting to boil up to the point where people are screaming at each other. There is nothing but blame going on. There is no accountability anywhere for the mess we are in.

The Republicans are blaming the Democrats for the state of the economy, the lack of jobs, the dismal outlook for the housing sector and for not extending the Bush tax cuts for all. The Democrats shriek back on the same points and say the Republicans created all the problems in the first place. This childish behavior must stop on both sides. We need some Adults in both Parties, but I really don't see more than an occasional one, here and there.

I believe we are ready for someone to save us from ourselves, because if we continue on this path we are on, we will have completely destroyed this country, not only for ourselves, but our children and grandchildren. It's hard to get anyone to pay attention and stop it, because they are all to busy being children themselves.

We need a few Adult Americans to stand up and help shake up the conversation and the mindset to help show a new way out of this cesspool of blame and into the sunshine. There are a few adults around. One for instance is Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana. But he is the only one I can find amongst all 100 Senators. Even the two Independent members of the Senate blame a Party for the problems. In case you can't remember who they are, one is Sen. Joe Lieberman and the other is Sen. Bernie Sanders. In NY, Mayor Bloomberg appears to be one of the Adults. Most politicians and media outlets have gotten caught up in the blame game as well. They think it makes good TV. It doesn't! I am just tired of hearing all the blame, because it does nothing to solve the big problems, which are seminal . There used to be some Adults, when I was growing up. People who could work across the isle in the Senate and the Congress. But not today. We need Adults badly! ARE YOU AN ADULT OR ARE YOU ONE OF THE CHILDREN? Whose fault is that?

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Blogger Vic Cebollero said...

I find the entire media experience to be nothing short of mind controlling distractions to keep the unsuspecting American population ignorant of what is going on in the background. Let's face it, we are witnessing a subversion of our liberties and constitutional government to an insidious enemy that works behind the scenes. I believe President Eisenhower called it the Military Industrial Complex, although he intended to call it the Congressional Military Industrial Complex, simply put Fascism. It's a done deal! All we can do is speak-out with hopes that we still have time to fix the damage via the checks and balances of our Democratic Republic. I agree with Gerald Celente that 2010 will be a pivotal year and a major collapse is in the cards.

Thank you for your posts.


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