Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election aftermath: Playing Politics!

So Sen. Mitch McConnell through down the gauntlet again to President Obama stating he has several choices, change course or double down, keep increasing the size of government, continue the bailouts, etc. Blah, blah blah! He has clearly restated again today that he wants President Obama to be a one term President and that is the Republicans number one Goal.

So, he really wants to stop spending taxpayer money, but have you ever heard him say he wants the Fed to stop throwing taxpayers dollars for continuing zero interest rates and inflating the Bond market and the Stock market? Nope, not one word on it, nor any word by any serious Republican political leader out there, other than Ron Paul. But they are buying toxic assets and propping up the Banks and the wealthy business leaders every day and we don't hear a peep.

It is all about retaining power over the American people and minimizing the choices Americans have. We have some serious problems here folks and so far, 2 days after the election where Americans were trying to say to the politicians, stop the bickering and solve the economic problems and create jobs, and what do we hear, silence from this Republican party leader who made saying No, an art form. Sen. McConnell has been rewarded for this behavior when the Republicans won the election, so he is, in fact, doubling down, as they say in Black Jack. He is going to try twice as much as before.

Meanwhile, the Fed has all but guaranteed that they will keep everything propped up so people "feel better" and start to spend again. Friends, this is going to have a bad ending for everyone and the politicians are going to be indifferent because they get their paychecks from the wealthy and their lobbyists, who do their bidding. This is a very bad thing. We will all become slaves, as the little we have saved, will be destroyed.

Stock market pump today worth 215 points on the Dow, but Gold went up over $36/ounce to $1381/ounce. Do you really have more purchasing power? Nope. It's an illusion. Oh, and the debt can never be paid off in this manner. The Fed is creating more instability through its use of smoke and mirrors to make us all believe things are getting better.

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