Friday, December 31, 2010

Summarizing my Mini Poll results for 4th Qtr 2010.

I have had a Mini Poll on this blog for the past 3 months. I am summarizing the results here today. First the question I asked: How do you feel about the next few years with respect to your job and financial security?

Choices and % feeling that way:

1. I'm Optimistic and think things will get better. 13%

2. I'm Pessimistic and think things will get worse. 63%

3. I'm neutral and think things will stay about the same. 25%

This is much more pessimistic than it was for the summer months. I can't say this is statistically significant, but it sure interesting. I have reset the data to zero so let's see what people feel going forward.

In spite of the gloom and pessimism, I want to wish all my faithful readers a very Happy New Year. Be safe out there and don't drink and drive. Get a driver and you can have plenty of fun without getting hurt or hurting someone else.

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