Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stock market prediction going into January

I have been looking at the chart of the Dow and decided to look at a 6 month timeframe as it seems the market has been going straight up, although lately seems to be still strong. I wanted to determine whether the Bulls case is warranted and whether there are any signs visible to the average investor with limited knowledge that all might not be as good as all the talking heads are saying. You can't find anyone Bearish right now, except Robert Prechter and his Elliott Wave Theory. Well while I do like the Theory I also use other methods, as long term readers know. Besides the Put to Call ratio, which I like a lot as an indicator of a pending reversal in the market, I also like to use Price/Volume with the emphasis on Volume movement. Today's chart below shows the Dow 6 month Price and Volume movement over the period.

What you will notice from the above chart is that the Volume has been steadily declining over the period. That's the first note worthy piece of data. In fact in the month of December we are at the low on the chart. Even July had much more volume than did December and most are on vacation then.

The other noteworthy consideration is that the price has all but gone steady up on this lower Volume. First rule to observe in trading is that if you have price rising, volume needs to also rise if you want to have a Bullish condition. But if the price is going up and the Volume keeps dropping, as it has especially lately, it is a very bearish sign. Also note the number of recent days which have been distribution days, in red, versus accumulating days, noted in Black on the Volume chart.

To me the signal couldn't be more emphatic. This indicator is flashing RED in Neon lights. Does this mean that next week the market will tank? No, but it should make you wary as to how much you are invested in the market rising right now. There is better than a 50% probability that the market will be turning down soon. It is way overbought by any measure you use. Buyer be Ware! Don't say you didn't know. And ask yourself how can all the prognosticators except one, be on the side of the Bull at this time. And don't tell me it's the Fed. They only have so much they can do.

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