Friday, December 17, 2010

Market and Political commentary for Dec. 17th.

Today is quadruple witching day for the stock market. There should be very high volume near the close and significantly higher volume for the day. To me what is very interesting this day is that wouldn't you expect the market to be roaring this morning since the Bush Tax cuts extension for 2 more years got passed and is on the way to President Obama for signing into law? Hmmm, why do you suppose that it isn't roaring?

Seems to me that yesterday we had the tax cuts in place and on January 1st and for the next 2 years they will remain in place, and the economy will not have any more dollars really added to spur the economy along. You see nothing much has changed except one thing, we now have a $900 Billion debt added to what we had as debt yesterday. That's a lot of money to pay off with increasing interest rates.

Oh, I'm sorry, didn't you know that interest rates have been rising rapidly in spite of Ben Bernanke's Quantitative easing, which was supposed to LOWER interest rates? Can you see the scam yet? The American worker and tax payer must now pay off an even larger debt than they had on their plate before the Bush Tax cut extension Bill was passed. The 10 year Treasury yield was down as low as 2.45% within 30 days ago, but now it is over 3.5%. How's that working for ya?! That's your best bought Congress at work for you. Where were all the loud Tea Party Republicans clamoring for us not to pass this Bill? They were bought off and silenced just like all politicians are. As I have said before, we have the best Congress money can buy, and this one cost more money than past ones. Now go out there and shop and stop complaining. Long term Slavery isn't that bad! Our ancestors managed it well but it only included the "colored's" back then. This new slavery is for "whites" too, as you, your children and your grandchildren will all be working to pay off this debt for their Master.

As you can tell, I am just sick of it. Why do you think many want to kill funding for public education and continue to make our education system inferior? Whose interest does that serve? How will these less educated vote when they are of age? Just like this generation of less educated. And that's how the game is perpetuated! It's the only way people will not vote their interests, now that Corporations are seen with equal rights as individuals in where they spend their money in elections. We are killing the American Dream for a generation at a minimum. What a sad day. Oh well, I've got to get ready for the day. Have a nice weekend, in spite of the news.

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