Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Egypt update

It is apparent this morning here from the West coast of the U.S., that we are witnessing on TV organized pro-Mubarak "demonstrators" throwing Molotov cocktails at pro-democracy demonstrators. The fact that this seems so well organized, points to Mubarak attempting to discredit the pro-democracy movement by injecting violence into what has been 8 days of peaceful demonstrations. The whole world is watching and isn't being fooled by this deception. The fact that these pro-Mubarak forces surrounded the Tahrir Square in Cairo and then proceeded to attack these peaceful demonstrators is a desperate move by Mubarak. It has been reported that the dreaded undercover police are mixed in with the pro-Mubarak forces. These forces even have turned over Military vehicles. This will not end well and much blood will be spilt. The accountability for this lies on the hands of Mubarak himself. Let the world condemn these actions loudly and forcefully!

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