Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Rapid Changes in Egypt call for being mindful about your portfolio

The events in Egypt show how fast the contagion for the desire for freedom can ignite the passions of a people. Now add the effects of the Social networks like Facebook and Twitter and you have an instant communication vehicle. Just think a little over a week ago Egypt was not on anyone's mind. Now it is there constantly because of the media attention to it on Cable news networks. Things were fine and all of a sudden things turned quickly.

There is something to consider here when it comes to our stock markets. You see, this is what will happen when one day soon our stock markets drop and scare everyone because we too will be in uncertain times. This market rise today to 12,040 on the Dow and 1307 on the S&P 500 reminds me of the year 2000 when the stock markets surged one day and then collapsed on another. It happened that quickly. It will happen again. Are you prepared for it?

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