Thursday, March 31, 2011

Market comments for March 31st, 2011

I was listening to Art Cashin, of UBS Financial Services, on CNBC this morning, and he said that if we just had a few of the recent upheavals of Governments in the Middle East or concerns over a default of governments like Greece or Portugal, or an Earthquake of magnitude 9.0 in Japan followed by a tsunami and then a Nuclear Power Plant meltdown, any one of these normally would have caused the stock market to have tanked with at least a 10% correction. That is an interesting thought to ponder as it has been Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke who has single handedly kept the stock market artificially up at these lofty levels. Listen to Art Cashin below.

It is extremely difficult to time the market normally but with Bernanke using the printing presses of the Federal government, it is nearly impossible to predict the stock market moves. This is not good for the long run because when there is a disconnect from reality, there will be an unforeseen negative impact to our country, which will be much larger than any stock market drop would cause, That is where we're headed and there appears no way to prevent it. As a close friend of mine has stated to me many times, "We are all finished!" I would add that we are not now built on the Free Enterprise System, but rather a manipulated, controlled government which protects the wealthiest of us and doesn't care at all about the Middle Class or worse, the Poor and no better than that.

It's the end of the 1st quarter at the close of the market today. But tomorrow we will hear the Unemployment Rate numbers which doesn't count all of our unemployed. Most expect the number will "look" better. It's April Fool's Day too and if you believe the numbers the government discloses, then you too are a fool! We seem to be a gullible populace, aren't we. Just look at all the Birther's in the Republican Party. :))

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard an interview with Harry Dent. he is forecasting this market to go much higher into the latter part of the year.I believe that he said a possible 14,000 on the DOW, but oil,gold,and other commodities are ready to top now!

With the market going this high my TZA purchase will be putting me much below 0 in value! I have missed an entire run with this market. BUT,

When the market drops he is predicting a possible 3,000 on the DOW.

If the market does drop that far, will it be enough to put me in the green with my premature purchase of TZA? I realize time will tell. but all I can see now is a 14,000 DOW occuring with me absent!

9:23 AM  

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