Thursday, June 16, 2011

Market comments for June 16th

Another day and another market drop. The Dow closed down again yesterday as did our other Indexes. We start today with the Nikkei and European markets down again today because of the turmoil in Greece. Our Economic data was a little better this morning with Initial Jobless Claims dropping for the week of 6/11 to 414K. Expectations were for 425K, so this is a bit better and in the right direction.

Yesterday we closed with another consecutive day when the Put to Call ratio was =>1.00 for the 11th consecutive day. Yesterday's chart shows the history of this indicator and let's face it, people don't really feel that well about the economy or the stock market and are selling, rather than looking to buy on the dips. As long as that mindset is present, it does portend good times ahead for the Bulls, but does for the ever louder Bears.

Today's chart below is of 3 months for the Dow. Of particular interest to me and should be to you was not only the fact that we are getting lower lows and lower highs on bounces, but that the down volume is much stronger than the up volume. Yesterday, the volume was stronger than the previous 2 days of the market rising slightly. And then before that, the volume was higher too. The trend is still down, but we haven't yet gotten to the real scary drops that are coming. Don't say you had no clue of this coming!

The culmination of this in the form of a sharp deep drop may come in the next few weeks. Much is riding on the negotiations of V.P. Biden and the Congressional leaders who are trying to get enough votes to pass the legislation to raise the debt ceiling. It looks now like somewhere between $1 and $2 Trillion dollars will be reduced over the next 10 years, in the level of debt we have. However, if neither political party did nothing, the debt would rise $6 Trillion with what Congress has already approved. So cutting $2 Trillion is a step in the right direction, but not enough. We will be revisiting this issue for the foreseeable future. In the mean time, everyone knows that and many don't have the confidence to buy stocks, so drip, drip, drip, the market goes.

Today is the 100th Birthday of my former employer of 18 years, IBM. Happy Birthday, IBM! It was a great company and still is.

And lastly, I want to thank all those who wrote me privately yesterday on my Cisco article. It looks like many outside AND inside agree with my comments.

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