Friday, July 01, 2011

Interest Rates begin to move up

Here is a table of how Interest rates have moved up just since June 24th for various Bonds and their maturity timeframes. This really surprised me, but I haven't seen anything in the financial media or mainstream press mentioning this. Here's a Table that may surprise you too.

I want to wish everyone a happy, safe 4th of July weekend. If you don't have to drive, stay home and relax. If you do have to drive, drive safely and come back here next week.

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Blogger Minneloushe said...

Well, predictions of a collapse have been wrong so far, but I have just moved my 401k into fixed-income, because for the next month the risks of a nut-case, fruit-cake, evildoers government/economic collapse is too great even for me ! The tea-party idiots will likely cave, but if they don't we are going to see another recession, most likely world-wide, so say the experts.
I hope Beacon stock somehow recovers in the next two years. They have to dilute it still more, in order to build the second plant, I suppose. I wish the DOE would give them more money !

8:52 AM  
Blogger Charles Amico said...

JW, the only reason there was no collapse was that the Fed was manipulating the stock market. They kept it up in the same range it has been in for quite a while. We almost saw it tip a week or two ago, as we came close.

While the negotiations on raising the Debt Ceiling have collapsed, we have about 2 weeks max where if they don;t get it resolved, the Fed won't have enough money to stop it from collapsing as it will be a world wide event. They are all playing chicken. The Republicans think the President will blink and go for whatever they want. The Democrats think they have a winning election issue as Clinton did when Gingrich shit down the government last time.

They are playing lose-lose, as far as I am concerned! And we are the losers here.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,
I am "catching up" after a busy July 4/Independence Day celebration - read your account of the need for jobs in America, i.e., grocery cart collectors, check out counter clerks, etc. I, too, am concerned as my son-in-law tells me that movie theaters are "going digital'; soon there will be no film, film projectors and projector operators.
American workers are being replaced by:
1. machines/robots
2. expecting the consumer to do the work of the employee
3. off-shoring
Which leads me to ask why you could favor Mitt Romney, the corporate buy-out specialist who caused so many Americans to be replaced by consolidation and/or off-shoring?

1:41 PM  
Blogger Charles Amico said...

Well, I said I like Romney as I had some personal interactions with him years ago. But let's be clear, I am still in President Obama's corner. It would take a lot for me to change and vote Republican this election. I can't stand their obstructionist politics and they seem to get more polarizing each day. They don't even understand what they are doing by not raising the debt ceiling right now.

2:34 PM  

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