Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stock market trend and prediction going into September and beyond

It's the weekend and we have time to think, rather than do. So this morning I am going to put up a number of stock market charts and analysis to try and make sense of where we are and where we are headed. It has been a tumultuous few weeks and many are glad we have them behind us now. The past 2 days advance to yesterday's August Options expiration got many nervous. They thought we were on our way back up this week only to finish down, back at or near the recent lows, depending on which Index and Country's stock market Indexes you were looking at.

With that background, here are some 3 month charts of selected European Indexes, which should help you conclude that the recent drop in US stock markets isn't just about the US. But first 3 charts are of the US Indexes; the Dow, S&P and the Nasdaq. Then I have followed them with commentary and with charts of German DAX, France's CAC and finally Japan's Nikkei. All are 3 month charts and the thing to focus on is where are the indexes now, the similar patterns and whether the recent drop is slanting down or up or flat. If there is a predominance of slanting down below the other recent low points, we are going down more. Now the charts!

The Dow chart shows we are nearly flat across the low points. You will see in the S&P chart below, the same is true.

You can see the there is a biased slant down on the Nasdaq as this chart above does point a further down move.

The DAX also shows a slanted move down below earlier lows.

The CAC is flat at the lows, like the Dow and S&P.

And lastly, the Nikkei slants down significantly.

So what does this all mean? Well, I ask myself the question, Which world indexes are extremely important right now and which have been long term indicators of either prosperity or leading the way down. Those indexes have been the Nasdaq here in the US, Japan's Nikkei and Germany's DAX index. To me they all say we are headed down lower. You will have to make up your mind which tea leaf you will follow. Good luck on that.

One other important thing I look at. I look at the longer term chart. Here's the Dow going back about 30 years. You can see from the chart below, we are forming a head and Shoulder pattern over this period and it looks as though it has completed the formation of the right shoulder and it is a slanted down pattern.

This signifies we may ultimately be headed down to retest the lows of 6,400 eventually and may not hold at that level. Given world events which seem to be changing daily in a negative direction, I would not be surprised to see this scenario to play out. Anther thing to remember is this, markets tend to rise much more slowly than the speed of which they go down. This chart shows that clearly.

Looking at roughly the same period for the Dow/Gold ratio you will see the high point is at year 2000. All of these points were taken at 1/31 of each year, except the last point and that is Friday's data. So the trend for the ratio is continued down. The implications for this are that either Gold will continue to rise to get the ratio back to the 1-2 level again or the Dow will drop significantly while Gold either stays high at current levels or goes down some at the same time. For the Dow/Gold ratio to be at 2, then either the Dow must stay at 11,000 and Gold goes to $5,500/ounce. Or Gold to stay at $1800/ounce then the Dow must drop to 3,600. Neither scenario will really happen but adjustments to both are a more realistic possibility. Assume for a minute the Dow does go and retest the 6,400 level, and Gold pulls back to last years level of $1200, that would yield a Dow Gold ratio of 5.3, which is very close to where we are today!!

This last chart below is my short term read of the top limit of any dead cat bounce of the Dow. You will notice the last false bounce above the red line and decline to follow the earlier trend down. This was a bear trap. I stepped in it and had purchased some TNA Call Options thinking we were on our way up again as we did before. I was wrong, but luckily didn't buy many. Watch for more of these false moves, as I believe we are in for a steady, but jerky decline. That red trend line shows that we could still reach back up to the 11,000 level, but as the slope of that red line indicates it will be short lived.

So with European debt rising quickly and many countries unable to pay their debt, we are facing country defaults, not just company defaults. Think of Lehman Bros. when you think of market reaction and multiply that by 10 to see the implication of a country default. I wish and hope it is not so, but one must be prepared for the worse and survive it. Good luck to you. Where do you think we are headed? Comment below if you like. I screen comments only for improper language, so there may be a delay before you see your comment posted here. Thanks!

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