Friday, January 06, 2012

Job creation ain't what it used to be!

With today's employment data release, I thought a trip down memory lane might be informative. My focus today is NAFTA, the North America Free Trade Act, and the Presidential run of Ross Perot in 1996. First, below is a chart posted by Chart of the Day which shows Non Farm Payroll job gains, by decade, from the 1940's. Here's the chart below:

What is significant from this chart is what has happened the past decade of the 2000's. Basically, no jobs were created. In fact jobs were lost during the Bush Presidency. Jobs have been created the past several years, but no where need the number required to sustain a good economy with low unemployment.

Now we bring in Ross Perot. If you remember when Ross Perot ran for President, he warned us all about NAFTA not being good for America. In fact, his famous quote from the Presidential campaign became, "If NAFTA passes you will hear a giant sucking sound of jobs leaving America. In 1994, NAFTA became law. I think Ross Perot has been proven to be correct after all!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Ross Perot. For the very reason of NAFTA being inflicted on our society.

I will be voting for Dr. Ron Paul in 2012. He is what this country has been craving for, for many many years!

5:57 PM  

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