Monday, May 15, 2006

Is it time for a viable Third party? No, not Ross Perot!

I was reading a piece today on the possibility of a viable third political party written by Dick Meyer of CBS. I wrote on this in January with a post titled, "What is it going to take to wake up Americans?" and dealt with the same issue. To see Meyer's piece click here.

In the piece on January 3rd, I wrote the following:

"The question I pose is this, Do we have a courageous senior political figure, for example, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who has the courage here to do the same? It certainly is what America needs. The political parties, both Republicans and Democrats, have failed us and the country. What we need is to break up both party's hold on the country and shake up the thinking here, so that people get more involved in the political process, as our founders had wished, and our country puts its best people in the race for the Presidency. The primary system leaves us with choices that have already been determined by a small group of people, all with their own self interest and influence paid for. They have these candidates in their pockets, and not working for the good of all people."

A comment said that McCain has become too Conservative. Well who could do it then? Please, not Ross Perot! List some candidates, in my Comments below, that you believe could help this country become whole again, as a third party candidate. My only concern is that a third party could somehow lose and have the same Republican inept Congress get reelected.


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