Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here's the October Surprise!

This morning at 10:30am E.S.T., the much anticipated October surprise, which Karl Rove promised fellow Republicans, will be announced at a news conference by President Bush. Whatever it is remember that this was "planned" and calculated to win the election. Don't be manipulated. This President will do anything, and I mean anything to manipulate us for another 2 years of a free ride for his Administration. Much is at stake here. Today is exactly 2 weeks before the elections. Coincidence? I think not. The goal will be to either change the subject or imply a promise that can't and won't be met regarding Iraq. Watch for it.

UPDATE: 10:50am E.S.T.

Well, if it was a surprise promised by Rove, it was a dud. Nothing new to report. I listened to the entire opening statement and couldn't find a single news item other than, "If I could bring the troops home, I would." Well Mr. President, if you can't, who can? Yeh, I know, "It's tough".


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