Saturday, October 07, 2006

Latest Presidential polls on Bush: What to make of them?

The latest polls dated Oct 4th show President Bush's Approval ratings slipping again. Here's the data:

Time: 36% approval and 57% disapproval
AP: 38% approval and 59% disapproval
Pew: 37% approval and 53% disapproval
Nwswk 33% approval

When I examine the data, the question that begs for an answer is the following:
How can 36-38% of the American people truly believe they approve of the job this President is doing?

Much has been said about Bush by news commentators, political hacks and pundits, but no one has focused on the people who truly support Bush. Are these people uneducated or brainwashed? Do they watch TV and if so what do they watch? If they don't what are they doing to be so uninformed? Did they ever hear about Iraq, Katrina and other bungled enterprises? I must be honest that all I can do is guess at this point, as there are no profiles of Bush supporters available in the media. Based on what I hear, these people are apparently his base, which implies they are the Fundamentalists in the various Protestant Churches. In addition, there is probably support from the Jewish community. They can't be living in New Orleans as that city was cleaned out after Katrina.

I know of some people who are not in those groups that support Bush. I would love to hear their reasons why they still do believe, what they believe we should do in Iraq, whether they would be willing to serve there and fight in this Iraq war, and whether they would be willing to send their precious children there to fight and possibly die in this Civil war? How do they dismiss all the lies President Bush has made because they have, in fact, been proven as lies?

There is so much to learn about these supporters I wish we could learn more. If you read this Blog and are a supporter, tell me why you still think Bush deserves your approval rating for doing a good job. If you are in the media and read this Blog, do a story on this group of people so we can learn more about them.


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