Saturday, October 28, 2006

Looking beyond the election: It might prove worse for everyone!

Ten days left before the mid-term election and cable network news commentators are saying that the Congress is for the taking by the Democrats, and up to them to lose. Most say the Senate will not be won by the Democrats. This may be the worst outcome possible. The reason is that then the Democrats will be partially responsible for the War in Iraq and will be put into positions uncomfortable for them. They will have few choices to change the course of the war. The only lever they will have is the purse strings and either cutting funds for the war or refusing to approve requests from the Administration for additional funding. I can see the 2008 election campaign season and I don't like what I see. Democrats saying that they voted against the funding to curtail the mission and the President and his minions saying they didn't support the troops.

There is one way to avoid this. The Democrats must take BOTH the Congress and the Senate. If you are tired of this weary journey, I implore you to vote Democratic.


Anonymous Kevin said...

Why would anyone in their right mind want to vote for socialism? Except for all the government-educated lemmings that is.

You were government educated weren't you?

Anyway, you said it yourself- when you get emotional, you write. Just like a standard liberal, emotion-based rants lacking logic and a factual base.

Anyway...I hope you guys win in November, it will be so exciting to watch your 2 year political suicide.

9:01 PM  
Blogger OTTMANN said...

Democrats cannot be trusted to win the war or run the economy.

If dems win, all the sacrifice will be for naught and the terrorists will hit us again.

Then it will be open season on all democrats!

Besides, dems are already killing off their future with social liberlism, ie: socialism.

Good riddance to 'em!

2:16 PM  

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