Sunday, October 29, 2006

Voting machine tests reveal 40% error rate!

An article reported by the Examiner here in California reports that the fist tests of the electronic voting machines yielded an error rate of 40%. If you are worried about this much of an error rate, you should be. Many elections are only a few percentage points away from favoring one candidate over another across the nation.

As reported, "With the election scheduled for Nov. 7, test votes cast by trained personnel Thursday, which was the first day of pre-election tests of the new equipment, failed to match up to the voting “scripts” they were given by elections officials 40 percent of the time, David Tom, county elections manager, said. The number of errors in the so-called Logic and Accuracy tests dropped to 25 percent on Wednesday and about 14 percent on Friday, with all errors eliminated by Monday morning, Tom said.

All of the errors were attributed to tester error, most often caused when a tester failed to select the predetermined candidate in the “script” they were following or mistakenly skipped a race altogether, Tom said. “The equipment was new to them, so there was a higher number of errors than we would like,” Tom said."

To read the entire article click here.


Blogger Steven Sieber said...

I linked to your post at The Journal of a Future Politician at

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Anonymous Carol said...

I've been extremely concerned about the voting machines for quite some time and also about people voting in mass who are not even citizens because of ID fraud. It will be a huge mess if we dont address it before its too late. It may be that there are actually forces at work behind the scenes, and have been for a long time, who will prevent this from being taken care of.

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