Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iraq: Definition of a real mess!

When the bad guys look like the good guys, can you trust anyone? This is the problem in Iraq. Today, in broad daylight, a group of 80 insurgents wearing police uniforms, attacked a government building and kidnapped between 100 and 150 government workers. It was the most brazen move since the start of this phase of the war. When the bad guys look like the people who are suppose to protect the population, can there be any hope left for Iraq. Our good guys need to get out of this terrible mess and we shouldn't be listening and acting counter intuitively at suggestions from people like Senator John McCain who calls for more troops to be sent to Iraq.

The American people have spoken by their vote, change the course and it doesn't mean get more involved! Wake up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think McCain is toast regarding 2008: He morphed from a 'Straight Talking' moderate independent, to a Jerry Falwell, intelligent design supporting right winger seemingly overnight. And he wants Americans to "Just trust me" regarding sending tens of thousands of extra troops into Iraq? Maybe the 1999 John McCain, not version 2.0...


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