Saturday, November 11, 2006

Agenda for Democrats- Dare to Dream!

On this very special Veterans Day, I pay tribute to the honor of all those who have given their lives to our country. Each unique in their beliefs but all believed in our country and what we stand for. Therefore with so much riding on how we go forward as a nation, I have thrown down the gauntlet to the newly elected Democratic majority in Congress, to rise to this moment in history and to commit to restoring the best of America which has been tarnished in recent years.

I believe the Democrats have a chance to capture the Presidency in 2008 by setting an agenda as if they had already won in 2008. They need to be bold and capture not only the American public, but this must also capture World attention and admiration. Some topics that should be put front and center are:

1. Engagement and settlement of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by active diplomacy and regaining status with the Palestinians as an honest broker for peace. This will take a stand more forceful and demanding of concessions by Israel.

2. A bold initiative for peace in Iraq where the neighboring countries of Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and all the members of the U.N. Security Council create a working group to bring peace to Iraq and deal with Iran's Nuclear ambitions.

3. A reversal of the U.S stand on Global Warming and a statement of support by the Democrats for the Kyoto Protocol.

4. A reversal of the recent bill approved by the Congress on the President's power in defining what is and what isn't torture.

5. A rejection of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the UN.

6. Passing a Minimum Wage Bill.

7. Agreeing to Secure the Borders with a Fence and increased manpower for the Border Patrol and US Customs Agents before determining what action to take regarding the million of illegal immigrants already here. There should be no talk of amnesty until the fence is built. And there should be approval of lengthening the fence to cover the entire 1800 mile border with Mexico.

8. A Marshal Plan for becoming Energy Independent within 10-15 years. As a beginning step, require all new homes built in the Southwest to have Solar Energy. Institute Federal Tax credits for rebates for some of the costs. In addition, institute Federal Tax credits to cut the costs in half for existing homes to install Solar. Ask the States to institute laws to pick up half of the remaining costs.

9. To ask the Supreme Court to define the limitations of "Presidential Signing Statements" as it pertains to separation of powers and to rule on whether a President can require Federal workers not to obey the laws he has signed into law.

10. To increase tax burden on the wealthiest Americans to share in the sacrifice to pay down the National debt incurred by this Administration so that our children and grandchildren have a chance at a better life beacon of hope for the World reestablishing our leadership role working for the good of mankind.

And, if courage be there, dare we honestly look to right many wrongs. It must be determined if we have cause and responsibility to bring accountability to President Bush and VP Cheney through the impeachment process and whether any others in the Administration may have violated our laws and our Treaty obligations with respect to the Geneva Convention. How do we want to be as a Nation? The whole world is watching and waiting for our answer! What will we tell them?


Blogger JBD said...

Charles, not a bad laundry list ... there are a few things I'd add/subtract from it, but that's alright.

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