Monday, November 06, 2006

Why the polls are now wrong when they say the gap is closing!

The reason the polls are wrong, in implying the races are getting closer across the country, is because anywhere between 20% to 40% of votors have already voted absentee! Maybe they think negative ads are working. I say the public is sick of it all. I know I am!


Anonymous Snoop said...

Hey thanks for replying but the reason I decided not to post a reply originally is because most left leaning blogs I go to are specifically propaganda sites. Not that mine is not, I am very much Republican and a conservative and I post accordingly but I find that liberals think that right leaning folks like myself don’t consider both side and all angles in an argument.
Basically for me since you are not familiar with me, I read almost exclusively liberal blogs and websites.
Just think of the old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
I think I sometimes read too many left leaning sites because it all runs together.
I have seen the 411 below countless times.
Last June I even attended the Yearly Kos convention in Vegas 1800 radical liberals and I heard the talking points you have hear over and over.

For fun I’ll give my 2 cents worth…

1. Deliberately not enforcing Border Security with Mexico

I agree, but keep in mind G dub is NOT a true conservative, I disagree with him strongly on this. If Democrats take control he will certainly support amnesty and lesson restrictions on illegal’s. Only a Republican lead house can stop that.

2. Illegal wire-tapping of domestic telephone calls of Americans without authorization of the FISA Court and in deliberate evasiveness of the law imposed by Congress, even though Congress allowed for retroactive filing with the Court.

This is flat not true, no sense in even debating this because we disagree

3. Review of the Torture Ban as agreed to in the Geneva Convention, looking for loopholes and authorizing the use of torture of prisoners and citizens of the United States held as "enemy combatants".

I disagree with all liberals on this, so what tis the point, interrogate these maggots and save lives or set them free to kill innocent American later.

4. Authorization of the leaking of the name of a CIA operative for political reasons to stop dissent

You did not get the memo, the white house did not leak the name dude, go google it.

5. Outsourcing Port Security to a Middle Eastern country

This is ridiculous because, when this first came to light Dubai controlled NUMEROUS ports, still do. What was it a BIG story back when and now it’s not Hmmm?

6. Failure to act with all the resources of the U.S. while being warned by the FEMA Director about a pending worse case scenario in the face hurricane Katrina and the levee breaches.

We disagree on this because; I’m one that believed that the massive failure was squarely on the city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.
I posted all kinds of stuff on how city and State officials totally ignored their own plans for a disaster like Katrina.
Did FEMA screw up; sure they did, but anybody with any common sense think that FEMA was capable of handling the disaster smoothly?
But what y’all folks on the left forget is how many man hours the Coast Guard put into rescuing people who REFUSED to leave.
Oh, lets not forget all of the lies that came out of Louisiana, rapes and murders in the Superdome ect, that the media kept circulating.

7. Cherry picking Intelligence to gain support for a planned war of choice in Iraq.

Go to the top of my blog and watch Democrat Hypocrisy on Iraq. I don’t need to add anymore.

8. Giving massive tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans while increasing the National Debt to Trillions of dollars and bankrupting this Nation.

This is just a joke, it’s a Democratic campaign, slogan its not true

9. Changing the Rules for Enlisted service people to rely on a small clause to keep them indefinitely in the service, while reducing benefits for their families at home. All this while not listening to the advice of the military as to number of troops needed and no planning for an insurgency and no exit strategy.

More Democrat propaganda.

10. Windfall profits for the Oil companies and the executives that manage them ($400 Million dollar bonus packages for Exxon CEO)

I’m not a playa hater, If I had studies harder in school, I would be getting’ a big bonus. I don’t buy into class envy.
But what I don’t get about Democrats is when they mention BIG profits for oil companies, do only Republican have stock in big oil?

11. No bid contracts in the 10's of Billions of dollars to the former company where you were CEO and still obtain financial gains based upon the company's financial performance.

Or is this next one more serious crime than those above made by President Clinton?
-Lying about an embarrassing illicit affair he had as President, so that your family wouldn't find out nor would the country and lying under oath about it.

We on the right don’t give a shit about Clinton and his affair, what y’all on the left can’t seem to grasp is the hypocrisy in how you folks and the media sees things.
Are some republicans on the “take” yes, are some Democrats, yes.
Foley send text message, gets busted, RESIGNS Democrats write stories on it for weeks.
Harry Reid has shady land deal, nothing is mention.
Michael Fox, has bogus campaign commercial in Missouri on supposedly “stem cell research”. Rush make comments that he was either faking or off his meds, media has cow. Rush is right, Fox admits he did not even read the proposed bill, admits in book that he does go off meds to make point, media ignores.
Fox says he only cares about Stem Cell debate, but he runs commercials AGAINST Michael Steele who is FOR stem cell research and FOR Cardin (Democrat) who is AGAINST stem cell research and actually voted against it, media ignores.
John Kerry slams troops, media AND blogs ignore. Typical crap.

Bottom line I figure what is the point we all have our viewpoints, debating is futile.
I am a very black and white thinker, I study opposing viewpoints because I believe that the more I know about liberal ideology and liberal thinking the more grounded I am in my own ideology.

I certainly don’t want to figuratively eliminate liberalism, I believe decent and opposition is good. Those on the left that do not agree should raise their voices.
But my biggest beef with liberals and Democrats is that they REFUSE to run on their own merits. They must run “right” although they govern left.
They won’t tell you they will raise your taxes. They won’t tell you they believe in amnesty for illegal’s, they won’t tell you we will withdraw from Iraq.
They won’t tell you they want a more Europeanized culture, open boarders and a more socialistic society.
I’m sorry I don’t.
I grew up in Bay Area around the worst liberal Democrat politicians, Pete Stark, Ron Delliums, Jerry Brown, Willie Brown.
Just look at any major American city a see what a cancer liberalism is.
Liberalism is racist and promotes class envy (FYI I am black). As more black Americans get wise to Democrat propaganda, the party will die a slow death.
90% of blacks vote Democrat, my mission is to try and see that figure get down to a more reasonable number.
So the study of liberals shall continue.

Sorry for the rant, I was bored

Peace Snoop

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Charles Amico said...

I will reply more fully when I get a break. But to set the record straight, I have many Republicans close friends and colleagues. I have voted Republican, Democratic and Independent so I don't know what that means other than I am a centrist. I will respond to your points within a day.

4:39 AM  
Anonymous Charles Amico said...

Snoop says:
I disagree with all liberals on this, so what tis the point, interrogate these maggots and save lives or set them free to kill innocent American later.

Snoop, I know these people want to kill us. I know you want to save American lives. So do I. But it has been proven in many studies over the past 40 years that torture techniques don't work in getting the truth. They do yield "confessions" but most are unreliable according to experts. Contrary to what most think, studies have shown the more humane you are to prisoners the more they tend to cooperate with their captors and give useful information. So from a practical point, I don't think the terrorists will ever follow the Geneva Convention. But that is not why I don't want our guys torturing them. It doesn't work and rarely if ever saves lives. I'm not saying it's an all or nothing case here. But overwhelming data suggests more lives are saved by Not using torture than by using it. We have the same goal here Snoop. Maybe when I have some time I will respond to other points you made. Stay tuned.

5:19 AM  

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