Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now what for Democrats?

So they won the election in a big way. So now what should they do or not do? I'll tell you. First, they need to learn the lessons the Republicans are now learning. Corruption will be weeded out. Don't lie and cover up or defend wrong doing or you will be subject to a similar fate. Be willing to hold accountable anyone whose wrong doing is apparent. Take equally tough stands on Democrats as you would on Republicans. Gain our trust and don't assume it is never ending. Deserve our respect and you will have it. Disappoint us and you will also be subject to our wrath.

In this election we don't vote FOR you as much as we voted AGAINST President Bush/ VP Cheney, the policies of this Administration and especially Karl Rove and his incorrigible tactics. This is not a free pass. You must earn our respect by acting differently. Don't assume we are all on board as to your current top list of Presidential candidates in 2008. We are smarter than you portray us in your calculus. Treat us like you would want to be treated. Be a little bit humble rather than portraying your hubris. Hillary is not the answer but the problem. Her best service could be made as a smart Senator focused on issues and moving the party towards successes with the American people as majority leader, not Presidential candidate in 2008.

Readers help Democrats become responsible leaders. Give them some advice in your comments. Also feel free to share what the Republicans need to learn here too.


Blogger Free Thinker said...

Hillary is the problem?

Could you quickly explain why?

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Charles Amico said...

FreeThinker, first, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I think Hillary is a problem because she has been perceived as a polarizing figure over the past 6 years. Many Democrats are concerned about fighting past battles as she does energize the Republican base to come out against her on every occasion. The Democratic Party needs a Uniter and perceived statesman/stateswoman to lead the party and the Country to victory in 2008. She is very talented an individual but I believe she could contribute more to the country as Majority leader in the Senate, as she has much yet to do. She is still young and has plenty of time to make a run for President. Iraq will be front and center in 2008 and the next President will need to deal with it and a country fed up with it. Only a statesperson could bring the country, allies and other figures together to get this mission completed. Speaking personally for a moment, I don't like her apparent lack of willingness to take a risk and to be too calculating based upon what polls say. That is the same problem now Senator John McCain has when he lost his integrity in caving into Bush on the torture issue bill that he, Senator Graham and Senator Wagner had stood up to the President on principles dear to our democracy. That betrayal will have cost him many votes in 2008.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Free Thinker said...

I actually agree with most of what you are saying here.

But I have a feeling that no matter who the Dems put up for election in 2008, they will be demonized just as much by the same folks who demonized Hillary. I also tend to think that a Clinton/Obama ticket would be very compelling.

I kinda think McCain has a lock on the Republican nomination (now that he has courted evangelicals), and given that the press felates him as often as they can, we can look forward to a press-driven horserace between St McCain and Evil, Devisive Hillary. With Lieberman's win in CT, things look good for McCain.

10:50 AM  

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