Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein's death

Saddam Hussein, hate him or love him, he deserved a better ending in his death than he got. I had heard the story that his executioners swore at him minutes before his death as they were slipping the rope over his head. I find this abhorring and I question why in the world are we there engaged in an obvious ethnic struggle where revenge may take decades, a century or thousands of years. I was no fan of Saddam Hussein. I thought the noblest thing to do by Iraqi's was after they had found him guilty, for the purpose of unity in government, they would have turned him over to the World Court at the Hague for trial under the War Crimes Act. That would have justified in my mind why we were there helping the Iraqi's. Now we have, under the guise of justice, allowed the Iraqi's the expedient course to their Civil war. And make no mistake about it, this Civil war will be quite uncivil and it has begun for real now. God help those that hoped for peace, the innocent children of Iraq. It is a sad way to end 2006 for Iraqis.


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