Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bush Administration, Iraq and the Media

I was watching Tim Russert's Meet the Press from this past Sunday and came to the following conclusion regarding the media's responsibility in giving the Bush Administration a pass on this Iraq war, most likely out of fear of the power of the Presidency and what this Administration is willing to do to keep everyone off balance. Tim had been questioning Stephen Hadley and had him on the ropes with some great questions. He was questioning Bush's comments on Iraq and that the President was still pushing to stay the course right up to the mid-term election and Hadley was rebutting another view that the President wasn't wanting to make the decision on the firing of Rumsfeld for political reasons.

At that very moment I thought Russert should have responded, "That's B.S. Mr. Hadley!" Then I realized there have been many moments just like that over the past 6 years where not one media person had the guts to call them on what their statements were: "BULL S--T". If we are ever going to regain the independence of the media, respect for truth from government officials again, we are going to have to call them on their lies without consideration of fear of reprisal. That is when you know we are truly free again. We do not have a truly FREE PRESS. But I sure would like to see them take a stronger stand in the face of obvious deceit.


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