Friday, December 08, 2006

Democrats need to show what support of our troops looks like!

As today ends the Republican's control of Congress and their time comes to an end after too many years at the helm, all their rhetoric about Democrats not supporting the troops and Democrats wanting to cut and run, needs to be answered. And I have the fitting answer they should give!

As one of the first orders of business as they lead, the Democrats should restore Veteran's benefits that were cut by the Bush Administration and should pass new legislation and increase benefits for those who have given much in this war of choice by President Bush and VP Cheney. This Republican Congress followed in line with what Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted. Now it's time to show what support of our troops really looks like. Nancy Pelosi, my Congressional Representative and Speaker of the House, should include this in her 100 hour strategy for leading the new Congress in January. Let's show them integrity of language and actions, something lacking these past 6-14 years by this Congress.


Blogger OTTMANN said...


Thanks for reading my posts.

You said: "Nancy Pelosi, my Congressional Representative and Speaker of the House, should include this in her 100 hour strategy for leading the new Congress in January."

I doubt Nancy will do anything positive for the nation. Her and most on the left are all about tearing America and the military down, while claiming to support them. The left feels that the military is the problem, not the solution, as they strive for a utopian future that will not exist. Most have yet to get out of the '70's.

I give zero credit to the lefties because all they do is use government to take from the people, offering nothing of substance to make us better. Let's face reality. Both the Carter and Clinton admins were a disaster, that left the nation in recession both times, not to mention not doing near enough about Al Qaeda and terrorism before 9/11/01. Dems just don't want to defend this nation. They're for all the wrong things, gays, abortion, taxes, more laws, and less rights for people. They hate the constitution and pass laws with biased judges instead of through state legislatures as required by the constitution.

The truth is that Nancy Pelosi is a rich bitch who could care less about you and me. Same goes for most rich democrats, who have no idea of how regular folks live. Power is her game and she'll trample anyone who tries to get in her way. Just like Hitlery. God help all if she steals the next election!

Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry are the poster boys for arrogant hypocrisy. They are so far out of touch with 99.9 percent of America's it make me sick! What is the hell are those lying bastards doing in our congress?

Those jerks need to GO! I'm tired idiots like them living off my taxes when they do 1000 times more harm than good to America.

Once we get rid of the garbage, then we can concentrate on moving forward. We've gotten some of it out in this past election, now we need to finish the job on the left side.

Keep writing and posting!

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Charles Amico said...

Ottmann, I totally disagree with your comments. Also, please note that while I can listen to your point of view, I do want civility in your comments. Otherwise we won't be listening to each other.

I would love to have heard instead what you think should be done for our troops, which was the point of the post. I think the troops have been shortchanged by the Republican led Congress and the President and VP.

7:42 AM  

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