Sunday, December 10, 2006

A novel way forward for President Bush: Will he dare to take it?

There is one thing that President Bush could do to signal a change in rhetoric and a coming change in actions. He needs to get rid of Karl Rove as an advisor and the "Architect" of much of the Partisan bickering and demagoguery of the past 6-7 years. There has been no one more at cause for all the rancor than Karl Rove. He has done a disservice to this President and more importantly this country and needs to go. This could salvage the Presidents final year's agenda.


Blogger Michael Y said...

I've recently wondered (since the resignation of Rumsfeld) how many of Bush's bad decisions were the result of bad advice from his staff. Maybe Rove is a large part of this.

11:36 PM  
Blogger AMLICAR said...

I agree Karl "d' mad scientist " Rove ,plans and general advice can only work when the Audience are not paying attention, as we did after 9/11.
Now he cannot function effectively and as a consequence is giving bad advice to a Lame President.....

11:36 AM  

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