Monday, January 01, 2007

Fallen heroes for December

The Iraq Study Group issued their report to the President on Dec. 6th, 2006 but much of the report was leaked at the end of November, and reported in Newsweek. Since then, the number of US deaths in Iraq for December total 111. Of those 111 only 9 individuals have not yet been identified. In honor of those fallen, I respectfully list their names here in alphabetical order:

Algrim, Wilson A., Anderson, Christopher A., Adkins, Dustin M., Bubeck, John T., Bixler, Evan A., Barta, John, Burgess, Ryan J., Baines, Joe L., Balint Jr., Paul, Beeler, Brent E., Clayton, Hayes,
Crutchfield, Michael J., Clark, Matthew W., Cote, Budd M., Clemons, Thomas W., Ciraso, Kristofer R., Castro, Jesse J.J., Cooper, Troy D., Donica, Dustin R., Denfrund, Jason C., Dykman, Scott D., Daul, Andrew P., Davis, Gloria D., Dunkleberger, Brent W., Dillon, Matthew V., Esckelson, Christopher E., Elias, Elias, Echols, Thomas P., English, Shawn L., Evans, Kermit O., Ford, Philip C., Farris, Billy B., Fiscus, Keith E., Given, Nathaniel A., Gibson, Brennan C., Gifford, Micah S., Gibbs, Nicholas R., Gauthreaux, Jay R., Huffman, Jason, Hess, Jordan W., Haines, Kenneth W., Koprince Jr., William C., Kryst, Kevin M., Kahalewai, Henry K., Krissoff, Nathan M., Krege, Travis C., Linck, Henry W., Libby, Dustin J., Love Jr., Robert L., Miller, Nicholas A.
McCormick, Clinton T., Messer, Christopher P., Moon, Jae S., Morris, Stephen L., Mejia II, Bobby,
Mayhan, Ryan L., McMillan, Jacob G., Mintzlaff, Brian L., Miller, Clinton J., McAnulty, Brian P.,
Murphy, Shawn M., Mokri, Yari, Madden, Joshua B., McClung, Megan M., Miller, Marco L., McGinnis, Ross A., McCloud, Joseph Trane, McDonough, Bryan T., Nelson, Andrew H., Norris, Curtis L., Nolen, Kyle A., Nelson, Albert M., Preston, Aaron L., Pickard, Joshua D., Palmer, Nick J., Patriquin, Travis L., Pomante III, Vincent J., Ryndych, Yevgeniy, Rystad, Corey J., Spencer, William D., Shaffer, Edward W., Strong, Joseph A., Schmitz, Joshua M., Sheppard, Joshua D.,
Sebastien, Myles Cody, Stanton, Seth M., Staats, David R, Stanley, Matthew J., Spatol, Theodore A., Steinbacher, Nicholas P., Suarez-Gonzalez, Roger A., Sticklen, Joshua C., Tinsley, Douglas L.
Tamayo, Fernando S., Turcotte, Nicholas D., Tillery, Jesse D., Vollmer, Chad J., Volker, Robert J., Yepsen, Luke C.

There are a lot of families affected by these losses, and our country has lost some of its best. Try multiplying the number lost this month by 27 to get a sense how many soldiers we have lost in this war and multiply it by 225 to get an idea of how many have also been wounded.

Please say a prayer for those families today to be strong and carry on their lives, as those who gave their lives would want. May they rest in peace.


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