Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush's address to the Nation will leave us feeling empty and frustrated, so be prepared for disappointment

The Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group set of recommendations was made on Dec. 6th, well over a month ago and much of it leaked to the media about a month before that. Their first (and usually most important, since it is their first recommendation) recommendation out of 72 made was the following:

"Recommendation 1: The United States, working with the Iraqi government, should launch the comprehensive New Diplomatic Offensive to deal with the problems of Iraq and of the region. This new diplomatic offensive should be launched before December 31, 2006."

Now the President is finally going to respond to all the input tonight from the Iraq Study Group and other voices, including the voice of the November election, all clamoring for a new direction. His expected announcement and prime "new strategy" will be focused on adding 20,000 more U.S. Troops to Iraq for an indefinite period.

Does anyone else besides me see Bush thumbing his nose at everyone? Does the word impeachment resonate with you? To me it is going to be the only thing left to reign in this arrogant demagogue and his slick partner in high crimes and misdemeanors, VP Cheney. See if you are not frustrated at the lack of bipartisan engagement of this President on such a serious matter. He thinks if he gives you quiet time to say anything you like he is listening. He just doesn't agree with anyone beside himself. These 2 guys while often seem comedic, if it weren’t so sad, are not funny at all, as America's treasured lives hang in the balance of their incompetence. If you doubt my words, ask the people of New Orleans who still suffer from their incompetence as leaders. At least the 3 Stooges were funny in their incompetent antics, and no one suffered when they acted as fools.

God help us all and the families of those serving in Iraq.


Blogger Martin Tiller said...

Good thinking on this. If we could have placed bets on this we should have.

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