Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The results of "Staying the Course" in Iraq

As you can see by the chart, there has been an average of about 80 service member deaths PER MONTH since the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. This infers that for every month we "Stay the Course" in Iraq, we will add another 80 names to the list.

The President has seen fit to continue to "ponder" his choices even after receiving the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group report on December 6th. He has spent more time thinking about this than he did for their initial planning of the war and the invasion itself. Mr. President, you saw fit to take a "working" vacation in Crawford, TX. I know you listen to God more than anyone else but God sent you a message to leave Crawford when he sent a Tornado your way, Mr. President, but you didn't get moving on this problem then and returned back to Crawford. Mr. President, the troops deserve better from you, their families deserve better from you and the country deserves better from you. Get moving fast and change the course in Iraq by announcing our withdrawal!

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