Friday, February 16, 2007

Bush Adminstration's Road Map for Peace in the Middle East

Condi Rice, supposed genius, and Madame Secretary of State, has a lot of explaining to do, as both Israel and the Palestinians are left to fend for themselves with the hands off approach of this Bush Administration. It's a shame so much time has been wasted and so much suffering endured. We owe more to them than a dismissal of their concerns. That is in part a result of the attention paid to Iraq at the expense of time on other vital interests of the United States. We have been out of balance as a nation and are going to be that way for some time to come. It seems we only care when bodies are blown up and Israel's security is threatened. Our policy is reactive, not proactive and are the result of President Bush and VP Cheney being consumed with their own interests. What a shame.


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