Sunday, February 11, 2007

We The People are way ahead of the politicians (Part 1 of 3)

And I might add on nearly every issue, but especially Iraq, the American people, voter and non-voter alike, are so far ahead of the politicians that it speaks to the significant flaws in redistricting legislation. We are not getting the politicians we need that know where we stand and can articulate and support difficult positions because the races have been neutered by both Parties.

Take Iraq for example, (no, please take Iraq!) :) 75% of the American people are against the surge, against the war and want the troops home. The best that the Senate can do is point fingers at each other as to which is to blame for not allowing debate on something as meaningless as a non-binding Resolution of the Senate. I think what it is going to take to change this dialogue is the same thing it took during the Vietnam War, Civil disobedience. It isn't until those that espouse getting out of Iraq with the same level of commitment, as our troops have, that things will change in the debate.

I ask myself, why is it that President Bush and Vice President Cheney are blatantly ignoring all the input from the Iraq Study Group, the former Generals and the Congress, Senate and the American people in overwhelming numbers. I have concluded that what they wish for the most is an unruly public, that takes to the streets in protest, causing much disruption and possible destruction, so that they could make the final move to secure their true purpose; to institute martial law and seize all government activities and throw away all laws in the guise of protecting the American people from anarchists and sympathizers of terrorists. God I hope it is not true and that this is all a reaction to the anger I feel at so called leaders impotence. That may be why Sen. Barack Obama is causing a stir as he provides some new politic. But America is ready and time is running out. The Iran Nuclear Nonproliferation Act, HR 770, will never get support by the Congress to pass. That is going to frustrate many. Remember the song, "The times, they are a changin!"

Even some States are ahead of this government when it comes to Healthcare. Massachusetts and California are changing the debate from what to do at the Federal level, to taking away all illusion that the Federal government is going to help at all. The same is true in the area of Global Warming, where California is taking a stand against carbon emissions. We The People are far ahead of the politicians and hopefully they are going to know it soon, too.

UPDATE: Nov. 5th, 2008

It looks like this post was prophetic as Barack Obama was elected President with a Landslide in the Electoral College votes winning 359 of the required 270 needed and also won the Popular votes. The times they are a changin!

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