Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The real gameplan of this Neocon saturated Administration (Part 3 of 3)

This is the third posting on where I see we are heading in the next year or so. The first posting titled, "We The People, are way ahead of the politicians," discussed the Non-Binding Resolutions to stop the surge of troops in Iraq and how the American people want Congress to do something actually substantive to limit the power of this President, especially now with Iran the focus of the recent saber rattling rhetoric by a White House use to this drill from taking us to war in Iraq. The second posting titled, "Martial Law" was to describe who has the right to call for Martial Law, the powers of the President claimed by previous President's and how Congress, by not stopping a President, actually sanctions the process unless they object and pass legislation stopping it.

This post deals with when this hypothetical situation I have alerted you to which I truly believe could eventually take place. In the first place, the Democrats in Congress are now in the process of laying the necessary groundwork of arousing their base to see that they care about their views and are in the process of doing something about it by having the floor debate that the Senate has been unable to muster due to procedural actions taken by Republicans. When the House does vote against the surge the President is moving ahead on, (and against all counsel to do so), it will set the stage for the Senate showdown on the matter. It will take place in an upcoming Bill, which is necessary to vote to keep the government running, as the Republicans voted only for a temporary Resolution before the Nov. elections, to keep the government funded until March 15th. So the Senate can take a stab at passing the Warner Bill, which is in opposition to the President's surge. This could pass the Senate in light of what will pass now in the House.

This sets the stage for the American people to have their hopes that the President will listen to Congress and reconsider his actions to surge the troops. You know that neither President Bush nor Vice President Cheney will acquiesce and reconsider. That sets the stage for many more demonstrations and a big march on Washington, which will do little to change the course that has been set. However, this next march will attract more people and start a real movement in opposition to the war, as was the case during the Vietnam War. This movement will build while at the same time deaths of American GI's will increase, as from previous recent troop buildups, we know and come to expect more deaths and more violence will follow. If you think that will not happen, then ask yourself what reaction do you expect by an Iraqi population which has experienced many deaths of their own people and an increase of revenge sectarian violence. It is inevitable. The increase in deaths of both Iraqi's but more relevant, Americans, will push the anti-war movement to make more noise in the streets on behalf of the families whose members are dying in Iraq with some skirmishes along the Iranian border and incursions into Iran, to be more angry and frustrated. It will be shown on 24/7 news outlets and it will infuriate Americans because it appears their government isn't listening to them. This is often the melting pot which comes to a roaring boil.

Now the situation is ripe for the imposition here of Martial law. Oh, and add in any, and I mean any, terrorist attack here on our shores, whether real or manufactured by our government to make us take notice of the real threat, and you the makings of a police state or a movie staring Denzel Washington. Oops, hasn't he made a movie almost exactly like this scenario? Watch for the second in the series to seem almost really happening! Stay tuned.

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