Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is Robert Gates, Sec. of Defense, on the right or wrong track?

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, appears to have lost his copy of the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group Report. He was a participant in the group of bi-partisan citizens well respected by both Parties. However, since Mr. Gates has taken over the helm from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, I have not seen the wisdom of his participation in the Iraq Study Group have any effect on his comments. Most recently his participation in putting Iran on notice that we mean business and have ordered Battle group Carriers into the Persian Gulf. This is causing much additional stress and worry over what course of action we have planned for Iran and whether our President and Vice President want to start another war in Iran. I share those concerns, as do many others. Most recently 3 former retired military chiefs, 2 Generals and an Admiral, have written an editorial in the London Sunday Times (click for story here) to warn President Bush and Vice President Cheney of the "disastrous consequences" such a policy would have on the entire region and our military. They said that the current crisis must be resolved through diplomacy.

Robert Gates said that Washington is not planning for war with Iran. I don't believe it, as I didn't believe our President when he said he would use all diplomatic means to get Saddam Hussein to allow Inspections by UN weapons inspectors. Then Bush didn't give the UN enough time to verify the truth and instead chose to go to war with Iraq. One thing everyone has learned these past 6 years; you can't trust the President and Vice President to tell the truth and do the right thing. That is a very scary conclusion indeed.

But there was hope with Robert Gates and my hope of his being a different Secretary of Defense is fading quickly. I might suggest to Mr. Gates that he reread the Iraq Study Group report and be a force with Condi Rice and within the Administration for pushing diplomacy with Iran and Syria and the other regional players.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Mr. Gates is on the wrong track,....Think of our troops and their families, extending their stay over there is not HUMANLY right.....

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