Saturday, February 03, 2007

A hope in the war effort in Iraq.

I was away facilitating a retreat for a client yesterday and was having the group of around 18 executives list the 3 people who have been the greatest people who had inspired them in their lives. One executive said, Dave Petraeus (current General in charge of all operations in Iraq). I then asked each of them to identify the core qualities of these people. When it was this executive’s time to respond to my question, he said it was Petraeus's ability to get results, reward those results and inspire creativity from those he led.

If we ever needed those skills, this is the time. No matter the public discourse on this war, I felt a little reassured that this leader is someone who is admired still from his former troops. Let's all pray for his success, for us, the Iraqi people and the world, as long as we happen to be there.

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