Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Senator Kerry chooses his country over his own ambitions.

Senator John Kerry made another wise decision today by announcing he is not running for President in 2008 and will focus his energy on the war in Iraq and how to end it. This is the second wise decision of Kerry's career. The first was when he spoke those now famous words about how we can ask someone to be the last one to die in Vietnam. The same is true today and I applaud Senator Kerry's decision. It appears as it was emotionally difficult decision and so I commend Senator Kerry for facing it square on.

He has much to contribute to this country and he can do it best now in the Senate without political attributions being made and inferring less than passionate discourse. The Senator believes as I do that this is a huge mistake in Iraq and the consequences will be felt for decades to come.


Blogger OTTMANN said...

Kerry obviously saw the poll numbers for his chances in '08, which were zilch.

He bailed. We all know he's scared of his own shadow, shot himself to get out of the army, lied like satan about Vietnam and has since done nothing but taken from the taxpayers, whom he could care less about. Talk about arrogant, Kerry is the epitome of the word! Oh, that's right, he's for the poor as he flys off to Switzerland for a ski trip on his private jet. LIbs are such suckers!

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