Thursday, January 25, 2007

VP Cheney- Chutzpuh or disdain?

VP Cheney was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer yesterday, and excerpts of the interview replayed on Anderson Cooper as well last night. Cheney, in his usual arrogant, hostile and “above it all” attitude, came across as an individual with no respect for the office he holds, nor for the people that elected him to be there. He shows more than chutzpah, he acts that We The People are an annoyance to him, that he always is right on matters of National and International importance, and we had all just better listen to him, trust him, and let him do whatever he wants to, including things that break our laws, as what he is either advocating or defending is more important than anything else.

God, I can't wait for this man to face the music, whether in Court, when he is cross-examined in the Scooter Libby trial, or by the Congress and Senate, when someone has the courage to impeach both the President and VP. Hey, but don't blame them, blame those that voted for them with their infinite neo-con wisdom and misguided religious zeal. Next time folks, check them out before you vote. Don't elect a President who bankrupted his own company and a VP who, as a lawmaker and the person who headed up the search for Presidents running mate, and had an attitude problem needing adjustment in the first place and selected himself to be VP! Don't you think that was a bit strange and a clue we should stay away from the two of them?


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