Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Senator Specter (R-PA) asks Justice Dept who's in charge? Give me a break!

What's wrong with this picture. Senator Arlen Specter today asked the Justice Dept. to basically propose where it sees the President's authority as it comes to his discretion as Commander in Chief related to matters of war. Sir, have you no shame!? The intention of your communication was to serve notice on the President that he is only one of the "Deciders" Constitutionally mandated to decide such matters. However, your approach sir, leaves me flat and raises serious questions for you and the Senate and Congress to deal with. That being, sir, this President and Vice President will take whatever power they deem fit. The real question to you and the rest of your colleagues is this, Are you going to allow them to dictate terms or are you going to tell them you, the Senate and Congress, are also in charge. They way you did this showed weakness in my view, as it will give them a heads up to where you're thinking on this matter is with no consequences to them. Instead, vote to cut the funding, which is your right and let the President & Vice President fight you on that issue, as it is clear Constitutionally, only Congress controls the purse strings.

I know you mean well Senator, but the lack of oversight these past 6 years has you thinking from a weak position. It is neither fitting of you or any Senator for that matter, but sir, you have already won a brave fight over cancer and deserve to be more assertive, to the point of aggression, to curb and heal these two arrogant leaders.

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