Sunday, February 18, 2007

Senator Biden to repeal the President's authority regarding Iraq

Senator Joe Biden on Face the Nation this morning confirmed he is preparing a Resolution to repeal the original resolution and restate the Presidents authority which gave the president the power to wage war in Iraq. This indeed would put all on record as to where they stand on the Iraq issue, Democrats and Republicans. This is indeed a very good idea in my view. It would help change the debate with the Presidential primary hopefuls, and might form the basis for a bipartisan approach to Iraq and adding a diplomatic means to a solution there. Senator Biden has asked the President recently, "What's next" after the surge as there are only 3 possible solutions to the war. According to the Senator, either become an occupying force, have a strong dictator run the country or divide Iraq into 3 separate autonomous regions in the form of a Federal system of governance where Oil revenues would be shared. Diplomacy is the best hope for Iraq. Senator Biden makes good sense and it is obvious his ideas are an attempt to allow the President to save face and his legacy.

Senator Biden also commented on Rep. Jack Murtha’s plan to offer amendments to the Budget proposal request of the President which will try to impose restrictions of funding so that the Army & Marines will not become completely broken as it appears very close to that now. Biden said Murtha’s only thoughts are trying to save the military from a broken system, which these redeployments have caused, and especially with the National Guard.

Keep up the pressure Senator.

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