Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bring back tar and feathering

Many Americans are frustrated with this Administration and want us to leave Iraq within one year. maybe it is time to bring back an ancient method of punishment, tar and feathering. If we do it fast enough it could be used at the next phase of the Libby trial, the sentencing phase. According to Answers.com, “this expression alludes to a former brutal punishment in which a person was smeared with tar and covered with feathers, which then stuck. It was first used as a punishment for theft in the English navy, recorded in the Ordinance of Richard I in 1189, and by the mid-1700s had become mob practice. The figurative usage dates from the mid-1800s.”

I get more and more frustrated over the multitude of manipulations and outright lies from both President Bush and VP Cheney. Cheney's obsession with silencing those who disagreed with his pronouncements and those who challenged his assertions have come to roost on a loyal soldier, Scooter Libby. Neither this VP nor this President have even a tiny speck of the courage of the people they have led on the battlefield nor in their Administration. They are a disgrace and others in the world have known what we know. It is high time this Congress starts showing some spine too. Follow-up on the conviction of Libby with a subpoena of VP Cheney. Congress and the Democrats now own the problem.

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