Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Robert Gates

I have been remiss in stating the obvious but wanted to add my voice in support of Robert Gates, new Secretary of Defense, who replaced Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Gates has shown us all what it means to take accountability. This is refreshing for this Administration and especially for the Defense Dept., as Mr. Rumsfeld doesn't know what the word means and in all his public service never ever really took accountability for anything.

Robert Gates will go down in history as the Secretary of Defense who, during a low point in the Bush Administration, as exemplified by the mismanagement of Walter Reed Hospital, gave the American people hope in one of our darkest moments. The hypocrisy, regarding support for the troops touted and led by the voices of VP Cheney and President Bush, showed both of them what accountability looks like. Maybe they will both learn from Robert Gates. The Washington Post states today that President Bush is willing to change the course. Well, we have, by having Robert Gates join the Administration and replacing Donald Rumsfeld. Thanks you Robert Gates for taking a job that looked impossible!

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