Friday, March 09, 2007

What if the surge works? Contemplating the spin

So what are Democrats going to say if the surge works? Are they going to take credit for any part of this? Is President Bush going to get a reprieve from the critics? Is Cheney going to emerge a stronger figure, if that's possible, in this Administration and can say, "I told you so!"? This situation that has us focusing on the next few months and reports daily from Baghdad from such distinguished media anchors as Brian Williams, of NBC, has presented a situation where neither Republicans or Democrats know for sure the outcome. Hence, the politics of this is worth noting. I can see 2008 Presidential candidates more cautious in their pronouncements before the media and in their speeches. And my guess is that this period will be marked by all candidates and elected officials focusing on such things as Healthcare, Immigration reform, Medicare, Social Security and other domestic issues. Why, because they are safer to discuss in a period where the outcome is uncertain. But this is all good news because it means for the first time after the successful invasion of Iraq the American people can see the possibility of a glimmer of hope. No one wants to say that yet because somehow stating it might give cause to it disappearing. Dare we dream of a breather in Iraq. God I hope so.

I have found myself being pessimistic for far too long and anyone reading my Blog can site chapter and verse as to where to support their evidence. But anyone that truly knows me knows I hold out always a 1% possibility that maybe there is some hope of a change.

Then again maybe I’m feeling particularly in a good mood today and this too will pass.

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Blogger Tom said...

"What if the surge work?"

That's about as likely as a visit from the toothfairy so I wouldn't worry about it.

Even Petraeous seems to agree

The first chapter of Petraeus's manual calls for a "force ratio" of 25 counterinsurgents (here meaning US, allied, and Iraqi soldiers and police) per 1,000 residents. In Baghdad that would require a total force of 120,000. But even with the additional 17,500 US troops President Bush has called for, and a reallocation of Iraqi troops from the North to Baghdad, the total force will be approximately 80,000, a full third less than what the manual prescribes.

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