Sunday, March 11, 2007

Everything has become political and that's not good for America!

I was catching up on a few news items this morning and I noticed that the International Association of Fire Fighters has accused Rudy Giuliani of "committing egregious acts" against firefighters who died in the September 11 attacks. According to the story, "the union accused him of carelessly expediting the cleanup process with a "scoop-and-dump" operation after the recovery of millions of dollars in gold, silver and other assets from the Bank of Nova Scotia that had been buried." I might add that the International Association of Firefighters is the largest firefighters union in the country. We have both Giuliani and Hillary Clinton running for President and both are from NY. The International Association of Firefighters say they are bipartisan, however it endorsed John Kerry in 2004. I'm sorry to say I believe this news is also based in politics and while there were things that could have been done better after 9/11, and there's plenty of blame that could go around, but blaming Giuliani isn't appropriate. He did the best he could given the circumstances, period. It was handled much better than Katrina and there is no doubt about that. To read the complete article click here.

I am sad to say that everything seems to have turned political of late. The President during his Presidential bid in 2000 said he would unite us, not divide us, but that's nothing farther from the truth. If We The People are smart going forward, we must consider that every comment from both sides, Democrats, Republicans and their supporters, are acting and going to act in very partisan ways. We need to look towards actions that truly bring us together and not divide us. So far no candidates have tried this approach but it is still early in the process. America needs to come together and we have many issues that divide us that can be explored by others not putting the country first.



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