Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pentagon says they need more troops but where to find them?

It is a difficult problem to solve indeed but there are some ways to get more fresh troops to Iraq where needed. For one thing, I believe the Commander of all troops should be willing to serve with his troops. I'm not talking about General Petraeus. I'm talking about President Bush. I think if he were with his troops more on a permanent basis, he could determine first hand whether the Democrats call for withdrawal was supporting the troops or not. It is difficult for him to accurately assess views like this without a closer eye on the problem. Heck, I would even be willing to pay for his body armor personally. But if he uses a Humvee to get around Iraq, I can't afford to provide the necessary protection and add more armor to the vehicle. I just had my car fixed and it cost me $2,700. That's the problem isn't it? When the bank account gets depleted, you can't afford even the basics. It's probably too late to reverse all those tax cuts even if you are the Commander in Chief, and besides your buddies and Dick's at Halliburton wouldn't appreciate that reversal even if you did need money to pay for more troops, body armor and training etc. But that's OK, as I'm sure the troops will protect you, especially non-coms.

To read more about the need for fresh troops and Pentagon comments click here.

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