Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Iraqi Green Zone solution

Jamie Mcintyre of CNN reported today that the military is considering turning over parts of the Green Zone to the Iraqi's and he stated that the view by our military is that if the Iraqi Army can't protect the Green Zone, they will never protect the country. I applaud this novel approach.

Maybe U.S. Generals should read my Blog more frequently. Below is what I said on Dec. 10, 2006 right on this Blog titled, "A formula for Guaranteed Iraqi success:"

"Here's another thought about Iraqi's standing up, so we can stand down. We need to turn over the Green Zone to the Iraqi's to protect. If they can't protect even one square mile, they will never protect the country. The Iraqi politicians, Sunni, Shiite and Kurds, all have a vital interest in being protected. It has been shown that in order to solve large problems, any group that has differences, (and the 3 Iraqi groups definitely have a dog in this fight,) needs to work together to solve small problems, then with the experience they have gained and the increased trust can solve larger problems. So by having all 3 groups responsible for security in the Green Zone, there is a chance that once their lives are entrusted to each other they might compromise and rise to the occasion. If not, and they can't secure the Green Zone, the leaders will eventually be killed and a new government will need to be formed but in any event, the current stalemate will be resolved. :)"


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